Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nightstands & Doors & Paint...Oh my!

Look at these nightstands Colin made! Crazy huh? We'd been searching for some nightstands to match our bed for awhile, but they were so darn expensive Colin decided just to make some. He just finished them tonight - aren't they great!?! He's made so much for our house: our bed, new cupboard doors, mirrors, a vanity for me, and some cute little shelves. It's definitely saved us a lot of money!

We've also been redoing all our interior doors/trim the last few months. Today we finally started on the last 2! Yay! Those will probably be finished Sunday and I'm so excited to be DONE with them! (I never want to see another paintbrush, peice of trim, or unfinished door EVER again! I'm ready for a new project!) Next up: the bathroom! We will be re-tiling, painting, and putting in our new vanity and mirror. So excited!

This is what happens when you're a nosey little puppy and have to be in the middle of any and every painting project. Not only was her nose painted, but her tail and her side too! She didn't care though...until I gave her a bath. Then she just pouted by slouching down her head the whole time. :) Funny girl!

Now off to Eastern Washington to go white water rafting on Saturday! Pictures to come!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Rain, rain, go away...let the Beavers win today!

Friday & Saturday were some crazy rainy days here in Oregon. It absolutely poured, especially on Saturday morning....the same day as the Beaver game. We went to breakfast with Colin's cousins and as we sat in the restaurant it rained like mad outside. It continued to rain until right before the Beaver game started, then just a little through the first quarter. We completely lucked out with the weather, because we stayed mostly dry! The game was a really good one. We scored a touchdown within the first 12 seconds of the game. OSU's Beavers won 34-7. Thanks Jesse & Amber for the tickets! We're planning on going again with our friends Scott & Kristiina on Halloween.

Below are some pics of the game. Colin, his cousin Tarren and I all sat together. Tarren plays on a city league football team so he was really excited to see "the big guys" play. I think the people count was in the 44,000's. Pretty good turnout!

Reser Stadium

The boys goofing around...

This is Tarren's, "Please don't take a picture...if you do...I'll make a monkey face" look.

What's a blog entry without the infamous self portrait picture?