Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3 years and counting...

So today Colin and I have "officially" been together for 3 years. Seems like so long but really it's just flown by! Ever since we started dating we've been gone atleast 50% if not more of our weekends. We are constantly traveling up to Seattle to see my family or down to Albany to see Colin's family. It will be nice to be in Albany and only have to travel to Seattle instead of being stuck in the middle. We will finally be home more often! It's so hard to get things done when we're never home!

Tonight we celebrated, low key, by going to Rock Bottom in downtown Portland. All I can say is YUM! They are one of our favorite restaurants because they have Ball Park Pretzels and Beer! I thought it would be fun to post a some pics of Colin and I from the begining until now. BIG CHANGES!!! Both physically and personally! Take a look for yourself down below!

The second or third weekend we hung out - at the Eddie Money concert of course!

At Keana's wedding, December 16, 2005. About 5 months of dating.

Camping at Green Peter Summer of 2006.

Shasta Summer 2006.

At a friends wedding Summer of 2007.

Cannon Beach Fall 2007.

In Black Butte May 2008.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Warm Weather Fun

Colin and I were in Albany this weekend visiting family and Colin also had a baseball game on Sunday. They won 21-0. Game ended early because they kicked butt. Anyway, Saturday his family and some friends came to Bethany and Jason's house for a bbq. (Bethany is one of Colin's sisters and is married to Jason-they have baby Brayden who is 15 months.) There was a major game of basketball in the pool with 4 boys and I think everyone ended up wet!

On Sunday Colin, Jason, Brayden and I met Colin's parents, Granny and Gramps, and some cousins from West Linn at Bailey's for lunch. Not trying to promote, but they really do have amazing food. Everytime I eat there I am very happy! Later that day, Colin had a baseball game. He plays on a co-ed league with his sisters, brother in law Jason, Jason's brother and some friends. It was a huge success, at least no broken noses like last weekend! (Colin's other sister Allison had a little run in with the softball.)

Colin and Brayden. For the first time I noticed that he recognized Colin's name when I said it to him. So cool!

Bethany and Brayden...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Colin's Progress...

So Colin officially has around 150 visits. He needs 260 to be able to start his internship with his dad in Albany. He needs about 10 visits a week to finish by the end of the quarter. Also, one of his clinicians nominated him to do some kind of a talk with someone important. That's all the info I got from him! I try not to ask to many questions! I really don't know specifically what the exact story is but it is a honor and confirms that he really is very skilled. He's definitely ready to work with his family and most of all start making money! He has big plans for the future including LOTS of toys to buy! As long as we buy a boat one day I'll be a happy camper! That's all for now!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For all our friends and family...

I thought we'd make one of these pages to keep you all updated on everything. I have a feeling starting in September/October, our lives are going to get really interesting! The move to Albany will bring a whole new demention to our relationship. Although it will be really hard to move even further from my family in Seattle/Tacoma area, I can only imagine we will grow together and be a lot happier in a more stable environment. (Colin absolutely HATES it up here in Portland! Our neighbors suck and he is really sick of school! I can't blame him after almost 8 years of college!)

I'm hoping to post pictures of our move, future houses, pets etc. so you all can see the changes that we will be undergoing! Thanks for visiting and check back for updates!

Kara & Colin