Friday, September 17, 2010

Tufted Headboard

One of the major projects I did in our guest room was a tufted headboard. The hardest part? Those stupid buttons!!! They hurt my fingers so badly after stretching the fabric around the button and hooking it on the teeth, but the pain was worth it. For much less than I would have paid to buy one, I got this beauty below!

Here's the headboard breakdown:

Styrofoam - $20.00
Fabric - $6.00 (On super clearance!)
Buttons - $9.00
Batting - $12
TOTAL - $47!

First I cut the styrofoam to the size I wanted. Then I measured where I wanted the buttons placed on the headboard . After that, my friend Abby and I staple gunned the batting around the Styrofoam.
Then comes the ironing...
Once that was done we just had to stretch the fabric around the foam/batting.
And nail gun it. The funnest part!
Ahh! These buttons were the death of me. Seriously! I finally got one sewed to the headboard!

SNEAK PEAK of my new guest room! The white/damask fabric will be the curtains. And yes, somehow I found the same exact fabric on Etsy to match the lamp shade!

Posting it to the wall is the next thing to do. I can't wait until that's up! More pics to come when the whole room is finished!!!