Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Passport Update

I was just told today we need to get the full passport book, which is good for 10 years. The passport card will not do.

"Visitors from the US are reminded that effective Janaury 8, 2007, all US citizens visiting the Caribbean must be in possession of a valid US passport."

I know it's more expensive, which stinks, but hey we'll just have to use our passports again in a few years! I'm thinking Fiji, The Maldives, Italy....

Here's the website for Turks and Caicos Tourism . They list the different airlines flying out of various East coast cities and their flight times. Ugh...3 hours from New York? Why can't we just live there! ;)

And just a little image to get those of you who need a little pep in their step excited....

One of the best beaches in the world! I mean seriously, how amazing is that water!?!

Please feel free to email or message me for more info!