Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Rissy!

Happy Birthday Rissy! She's 2 years old today!
Today Riss got to go for a fun ride in Colin's truck (with her head out the window of course),
eat some extra doggy treats and go to Colin's parent's house
to play with her Chocolate lab friend Bella!

Rissy is the sweetest dog ever. She LOVES her brother Duke and any kind of stuffed animals she can take the stuffing out of. She is also Colin's BFF. Often, you'll find her out in the garage working with Colin with sawdust all over her head! Tomorrow she gets to go play with her other Chocolate lab friend Angus at the park! She's a pretty spoiled girl! :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Some of my faves...

My mom called today and asked me for a couple pictures of the dogs. It got me thinking...I need to get more of them together! So we had a mini photo shoot! Then of course, I started looking through all the pictures I had of them together and apart, and decided to post a few (ok, a bunch!) of my favorites. Yes, this IS what you do when you don't have kids to blog about. You get the furbabies! And they are super cute if I do say so myself! Enjoy!