Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love...Kara, Colin, Duke, Rissy & Diesel

Monday, November 16, 2009

Update on this thing we call life...

It's been awhile since I posted so I thought I'd give an update on us. I have been horrible at taking pictures and really need to get back into it so hopefully I'll have more to post later.

Our animals...
Rissy is doing pretty good since we found out she has chronic hip dysplasia. She sometimes has a hard time getting up especially if she's laying on a soft surface (dog bed, couch etc). She absolutely loves Duke and Diesel and is really playful with them.
Duke is doing good. He somehow pulled a muscle in his leg recently (at least I think he did) and had a hard time jumping and getting up and down. He's better now and is back to "duking" it out with Rissy again.
Diesel got in a cat fight a couple weeks ago and had a big patch of hair pulled out on his chest. I knew it was a cat fight because there were 3 small holes in his chest which looked like little cat claws. Anyway, he ended up having an abscess that "blew" as the vet said. It looked like 2 big open lines on his chest that exposed his insides. Nasty. Than goodness our vet is amazing and also our neighbor. Just the nicest man ever! Diesel is doing good now. It will take a bit to heal but he was given an antibiotic shot so there would be no infection. What the heck is going on with our animals? Seriously?!?

Colin has been working with his dad and doing really great. He's been seeing several patients every morning and afternoon. He's also been doing some continuing education with his dad which I think is nice for them to be able to do together. He's also been really busy in the garage. He has put up new wood shelving on 1/2 the garage and has also been working on a coffee table for the living room. He's also going to help a friend make a gift for someone this Christmas. Quite the craftsman! Thank goodness all those tools he has are being made useful!

I have been working my tail off this quarter! I've been working at 2 colleges, freelance interpreting and a video relay center this quarter. I have really full days and am exhausted by the end of them! I am however, very thankful to be working. Summer time is really slow for me so I was definitely happy to be able to get a ton of hours this Fall! This next weekend Colin and I will be going up to my parents house. My mom, sister, some of Laura's friends and I will be doing a 5k walk which the donations and entrance fees support a local food bank. Should be fun!

We also had a visit from my best friend Keana and her little boy Joey. I hosted a Pampered Chef party and Keana helped me out with that. Joey had fun playing like crazy with Rissy and Duke and also got to play with Colin's nephew Brayden for awhile Saturday night. Joey and Brayden were born on the same day 2 1/2 years ago so they were good playmates.

Our bathroom is almost completely done. We just have to paint the trim. I'll have to post pictures of before and after to show the difference. It really looks great and has so much more space! That's all for now, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!