Monday, October 27, 2008

And the verdict is....

Colin and I have FINALLY figured out our housing situation after a couple months of going back and forth. Thanks to the generosity of Colin's Granny and Gramps, we will be renting their rental house for a couple months until we can get financing to to buy it from them. They are giving us an amazing deal which will really help us start out. We are so super thankful for them! So where will we be living until early December when we are able to move in? Colin's parents house. They were gracious enough to let us temporarily stay there while we are in transition. Not only will we save money but we are hoping for some really great home cooking and a playmate for Duke.

Speaking of Duke, he decided he wanted to be a bumble bee for Halloween. Ok, well maybe I decided. (Pardon the mess...Colin and I were in the middle of packing when Duke tried on his outfit.) I found this on clearance at target and HAD to get it. Colin wasn't so amused. :)

This Thursday is our moving day! I'm a little sad to be moving further from my family but happy for the opportunity Colin gets to have with his dad and the chiro center. He's really lucky to be in the position he is. Also, we would never have been able to afford a house around Seattle or Portland right now. So overall it's a good decision for the both of us. Now comes the hard work of finishing packing, loading, moving and unloading. Blah.
I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and I'll be posting pictures later next week. We'll be at Bailey's for a costume party!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Up to Seattle for the weekend...

On Saturday my mom and I got all dolled up to go to the Celine Dion concert. For my parent's 30th anniversary, my dad bought my mom 10th row floor tickets which were AMAZING. My lord can that woman sing! And not to mention her ripped body! She was flaunting around in mini dresses! She looks amazing for being 40! She had 6 or 7 outfit changes and her show was more like a mini Vegas concert/show. There were 8 dancers who were ridiculously talented, a few backup singers, pianist, 2 drummers, a guitarist and another man who did some duets with her. This concert definitely topped the list right next to the Dixie Chicks concert I saw a couple years ago. Here's a pic I pulled off my phone. It actually looks further away then we really were. Thanks for the tickets dad and thanks for bringing me along mom!

Saturday I went to the pumpkin patch with Keana and Joey, Laura and her boyfriend's nephew and niece. I wanted a pumpkin so bad, but with moving next week it just wasn't possible!

Laura, Laney, Ky and Mr. Scarecrow

Keana and the lovebirds...Laney and Joey.

Next week is SUPER busy for Colin and I! We move next Thursday the 30th to Albany and Colin has his FINAL National Boards on Halloween! He has already started seeing patients by himself and will eventually have an increased schedule. He's a busy boy these days! As for me, next Tuesday will be my last day working in Portland/Vancouver. I'm going to miss many of my clients who I really have gotten to know well! I've given myself Wednesday off to pack/clean etc. Thursday is the big move, and Friday Halloween! I can't believe it's almost November! Before you know it it'll be Thanksgiving then Christmas!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beaver Game 10-11-08

Colin and I had some friends from his college, Brent and Katie, come down for the Oregon State Beaver game. We tailgated with Colin's buddy Cody and stayed until halftime. I'm telling you, people are absolutely wild about their home team. I've never seen so much OSU stuff. Chairs, tents, people even brought orange party cups and black and orange plastic silverware! At halftime we went to Colin's parent's sports bar to finish the game out. They ended up winning 66-13 against Washington State! It was fun to just hang out for the day and it actually ended up being really sunny and nice! We had a little rivalry going on with Brent and Colin. Brent went to
WSU and Colin went to OSU before attending Western States Chiro College. Katie and I just tagged along for the Mikes Hard Lemonade! :) Here are a few photos...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Last Day - Forever!

Today was Colin's LAST day of school! Never will he have to sit in a classroom again nor treat another patient under anyone's supervision other than his dad's. (Other than continuing education of course). He celebrated tonight by kicking back watching the Oregon State game and drinking a few beers!

All I can say is...YIPPEE! It seemed like this day would never come! :)