Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things I'm happy about...

I feel like I need a little positivity so here are a few things I'm happy about...

* My enchiladas I made tonight which turned out pretty darned good.

* Duke's surgery going well and him being back to normal. And by normal, I mean him being happy enough to go lay in the mud outside, me being clueless to him having done so, and then traipsing through our house and rolling in our carpet.

*My 3 trips in 6 weeks up to Seattle - minus the driving part.

* Getting next weekend over with!!!

* My sister's Bachelorette party where we're going to paint the town red...or bright orange, yellow, and hot pink. With 1980's bridesmaid dresses, blue eyeshadow and some serious pumps on.

* My team terp and my weekly rice krispy treat binge.

* The fact I've never been on the show, "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" or "Funniest Home Videos" or "Jersey Shore".

* PAYDAY is Friday!

* Making Bachelorette party and Bridal Shower invitations by hand for my sister's wedding.

* Getting to see family in July for Laura's wedding. Hoping everything goes smoothly!

* Getting my zipper fixed on my maid of honor dress that broke last weekend. I SWEAR it was a faulty zipper and NOT any weight gain!

* Waking up in the morning and finding Duke by my side and Rissy by my feet (who sneaks up on the bed in the early morning almost every night) and sometimes even Diesel at my head. Love my fur babies!

* Finally, I'm happy for my friends and family who never complain about my calling and chatting forever when I'm bored and/or homesick. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

A few 5k Pictures

After almost all the donations were counted my sister came up with a total ove around $1800 raised for the Nepal Orphans Home! This is enough money to provide lots of food and clothing for these children who need it so very much. Thank you everyone who participated and/or donated! A special thank you to the people who I recruited - Maegan and Danea, Keana, AJ and Lindsay and their friend, and Andrea. Hope you're ready to do it again next year! ;)

Mia familia after the 5k at Laura & Justin's house.

Keana, Danea, Colin, me, Maegan, AJ's friend, AJ & Lindsay with their raffle prizes after the 5k

Mom, Maegan & Danea

Me and my love

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mr. Dukie Doo

2 weeks ago I noticed a bump on Dukes side and just thought he was playing too hard with Rissy. Well, late last week the hair fell off the bump and yesterday it split open a little. I took him in to the vet today instead of waiting until tomorrow's appointment to get him checked out. I thought it was some kind of abscess but the doctor is pretty sure it's a tumor. There's a small chance it's a cyst but because it's so hard, she's thinking tumor. We aren't sure if it's cancerous or not yet, we'll have that sent in to the lab when he gets it surgically removed next week.

Because he's only 6 (well, on Saturday) the vet said she's be surprised if it was cancer. But there's still the chance. :( Apparently they have chemo for dogs with sometimes helps prolong their life. But I'm just SO hoping we don't have to deal with that. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude until we find out if it's benign or malignant but even having to think about it suck!

Fingers crossed for a safe surgery and a non cancerous bump!

Monday, April 19, 2010

5k, Wedding & Softball...oh my!

Wow it's been forever since I last blogged! Last weekend was the Nepal Orphans Home 5k my sister organized. There were around 65 people and others that just donated. It was a great success for the first year and we hope to do it again next year! Unfortunately, my sister took off with my SD card so I don't have many pics. Actually, I just have this one of Keana and I before the race. And yes folks, I'm alive. I didn't die, pass out, fall down. Nilch. Nada. Colin and I ran almost the whole way, just stopped 3 short times to catch our breath. We finished in about 32 minutes. Next year we hope to do much better!

SO much has been going on lately. The official countdown is on. Just a little over 2 months until Laura and Justin get married, 2 weeks until I drive back up to Seattle for a "secret" I'm working on, we're redoing the backyard with sod and new flower beds, and Colin and I will be starting a softball league in a couple weeks! Some of our friends and us decided to play Sunday nights. It should be fun!

I'll have more to post once I get my SD card back in a couple weeks. Until then...peace out! (As Brayden would say...)