Thursday, March 18, 2010

30 Days!

3o days down, 60 to go!!! (of p90x that is) We have done every workout except not all the Yoga days. Instead, we go jogging with the dogs. I'm still up a total of 7 pounds but people keep telling me it's from muscle. I'm taking picture here soon (of course after we watch Fugitive Task Force) and I'm really hoping I see a teeny bit of difference! Apparently after the first 30 days is when you really start getting result. All I have to say is that if I still look the same at the end of 90 days as I do now, I'm going to be pretty ticked! These workouts are anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half and are seriously hard. I bought a heart rate monitor to see how many calories I burn and it' anywhere from about 400-600 in a workout. Not to shabby! More to come later...or in 30 more days. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nepal Orphans Home Driftwood Dash 5K!

Official Driftwood Dash Website

Hello everyone! Please check out the above website and help support a very exciting cause.

My sister is putting on the first annual Driftwood Dash 5K to help support the Nepal Orphan's Home (NOH). Not only does this support NOH but 100% of donations will be used to provide food, clothing and other necessities to Kamlari (previously slaved) children. Can you imagine your children or future children being malnurished and having a past of being sold by their parents for money into slavery? Yes, it does really happen. And with all my friends help we can help make these children's life better. Below is a picture of our beloved Gita, who Laura fell in love with when she volunteered in Nepal last summer. When Laura left, she told Laura with her bag packed that she was ready to go to America with her. Who can say no to this little spunkster?

I have a copy of the registration form. If you're interested, please email me at and I'll send it to you. Colin and I will be there running...please join us! Only 100 spots available so please hurry and sign up!


My tulips finally popped! Well, at least a few of them!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update on our workouts & ish

Today Colin and I did week 4 day 5 of P90X. It was an hour of stretching, which you would think would be easy. Nope. Most of it felt good but some of the stretches were really hard. I am still up in my overall weight due to water and muscle weight but I feel more fit. I've heard you don't start losing weight until after the 30 days. Our day 30 will be this Sunday and I'll have to take pictures again. Yuck. BUT, at least I'll be able to see if there's a noticeable difference!

Colin has been really busy at work. He's increased his schedule at the office by an extra 1/2 day a week. He had 4 new patients today so he's definitely busy!

I have made a couple changes with my work that has been really positive. I'm REALLY happy with the change. It allows me to do more freelance work (which I LOVE) and also allows me to be home during the days for a few hours a couple times a week.

Rissy is finished being in heat...THANK GOD! Poor baby. We'll be getting her fixed ASAP! Her and Duke have been spending a lot of time outside now that the weather has been nice and I think they're liking it for the most part. We're trying to take them on more walks and runs to get their energy out and it's definitely helping! We haven't noticed Rissy's hips getting sore in the past few months which is a huge relief to us! We just hope it stays that way!

Hope everyone is enjoying this Spring like weather! (Minus the freakish snow that fell a couple days ago!)