Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Black and White Ball for Nepal Fundraiser

As most of you know, this New Years Eve Colin and I drove up to Seattle to attend the Black and White Ball for Nepal, a fundraiser set up for my sister's non profit organization - Life's Handy Work. The money raised from this event and all future events will benefit the underprivileged children of Nepal through scholarships and other financial help. The great thing is, 100% of proceeds go to these children. There are NO admin costs.

We absolutely had a blast! Definitely one of the most memorable New Years we've had. I can't say I'll be drinking cherry rum out of a beer cup anymore. I sure paid for that one the 1st. We had a few people over 200 attend ALL who wore black and white dressy clothes. Here are some pictures below:

The ice sculpture at the bar.

The view of the back of the room right as we got started.

Colin and I.

Mom and Dad.

The Handy girls. Laura, mom and I.

Justin, Laura, mom, dad, me, Colin

Lindsey (Colin) and I!

My sister and I toward the end of the night.

My mom and I close to midnight. Gotta have the self portrait!

Next year's theme is Hollywood style. I can't wait to see all the awesome outfits people come up with! And hopefully it won't be so darn cold! Next up?

April - Driftwood Dash 5k
August - Softball for Nepal tournament which Colin and I are hosting

We'd love for you all to come to one of these! They really are fun events and for a good cause! Plus, who doesn't need to run 3.1 miles. I know I sure do!