Monday, August 8, 2011

Beach boys and girls!

Ok, so I've been told my blogging has gotten "boring" (*cough* Keana), so I'm updating it about our trip today. It's funny how everyone posts about their kids, and I love reading those posts because they are all so adorable. When I post, I usually post about my fur babies and I sometimes wonder how silly I look! But my dogs are cute and I like to look back on my posts to see how they've grown.

I have lots of random pictures, mostly of the dogs, from our day trip to Waldport. Colin was a trooper and drove the hour and a half just to spend a couple hours with me and the pups playing on the beach. It was cloudy in Albany all day, but Waldport was so amazingly beautiful! Sunny, warmish and the smell of the saltwater gets me every time! I'm definitely going to need a beach house one day. :)

Before we ran them for 2 hours!

Apparently Mr. Sleepy found a nice spot on the sand. :)

Me and Duke's self pic. I was trying to hold him for a good 10 mins while a couple passed by with their dog since Duke has a naughty gene, or two, and barks at anyone and everyone.


Looks like fog, but it was pretty warm and steam was coming off the hot sand.

Had to get an action shot of both dogs!

Love this picture of Colin and be dogs!

This was all Rissy wanted to do - run in and out of the saltwater - take a swim - splash some more...

AND...he hates me for making him pose with the ball. hahaha

Mr. Scruffy after a long, hard day playing.

If Duke has to pose with the ball, so does Riss. I think right about this time Colin told me to stop taking pictures because I was going to ruin their eyes...with no flash. ;)


Keana C. said...

much better!
that beach looks amazing!

Abby and Adam said...

Cute! Why'd you go to Waldport? Looks nice! That's how it always is, crappy here nice there ;-)

The Swanson Family said...

there is NOTHING boring about your blog!! I love it! (I will say I cannot WAIT for you to have kids though!!)

Gale said...

Great pics Kara.

Ummmmm... It's not the blogging that is boring, it's the amazing amount of time between the blogs! LOL

Love ya,


Sally said...

Adorable pictures Kara! My dogs LOVE going to the beach too, it is so much fun to see them run so fast on the sand, jump in the waves and chase the birds. Makes me want to take a trip to the ocean soon too!

Kara and Colin said...

Me neither Katie! We went to Waldport just to let the dogs run on the beach. No other reason! And Gale - you got it right!!! I'll work on that. :) And Sally, it's my favorite place to go with the dogs. SO FUN!

Beauty Hairem said...

These photos are just too much, Im in love...