Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update: Photographer and Reception

We're so excited to book Stacy Jacobsen as our photographer! She does amazing work and I'm really excited to fly her down to photograph our wedding! She's well known in the Seattle area and has done a lot of my friends pictures which have all turned out amazing.

I'm also in talks with Bay Bistro to host our small reception after the ceremony. Word on the street is they have some of the best food on the island. Dinner on the beach and bonfire anyone? Yes please! Bay Bistro is located at the hotel next to The Sands which is the hotel we're staying at. So, we can get liquored up and still be safe. :)

We're really excited that planning is finally coming together a little. I feel so much less stressed now that some of the big things are being taken care of! If any friends or family has not yet let us know they're interested in coming, please contact me ASAP. I can get you more information!