Sunday, November 27, 2011

2011 Christmas tree hunting!

Yesterday Colin and I trekked up to the mountains with our friends Jake and Jaya, and their little girl Addison. We wanted to try out the Willamette National Forrest past Sweet Home to get a Christmas tree and do a little gun shooting. The last two years, we've gone to the Siuslaw Forrest (west of us) and got pretty Charlie Brownish trees, so we decided to head out the other way and try our luck!

We didn't think we'd find snow because the first hour or so we were searching there was non. We went a little further up and all of a sudden there was a TON of snow. About 12 inches in some areas! This was Addison's first time playing in snow and she was so cute, until she got cold. Then she was done with it. :) We also saw some cougar prints in the snow which kind of scared me a little. Below is a picture of it next to Colin's giant hand. Yikes! And of course Colin left his gun in the car. :/

We ended up getting a tall, skinny Noble Fir. Really pretty, smells great and fits perfect in the only nook we could find to put it. All in all, a fun tradition we've started! Happy holidays all!

(Are you happy Aunt Gale??? ;)


Abby and Adam said...

Your tree is so cute!! We went and got ours last night from the same little family stand we go to each year. We got it in the house in the stand, but no decorations yet. I've seriously been so busy, I'm going to be so happy once this weekend is over!

Gale said...

Beautiful! Love the tree, too cute!

See how easy it is to blog! LOL

Love to you guys!

:) Gale

The Swanson Family said...

crazy the cougar thing! wow!