Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A new addition...

This is Bubba. He's a crazy little puppy that loves to play and snuggle. And by snuggle, I mean with anyone and everyone he can. I often find him spooning with Rissy or literally laying on top of her. He's a little over a year old and is a very good dog for being so young. He's a non aggressive, kid loving, fence hopping goofball. Colin and I have been babysitting him for the last couple months, which has turned into an adoption. More so because I couldn't allow this sweet little guy to be sent to a shelter. Being a pit bull mix, I didn't think there would be many people who would give him a chance, and to think of him sitting in a cage all day made me super sad. We weren't looking for another dog, but he's beginning to fit in nicely with Duke and Rissy. A little training - a lot of love is all it takes!

Even though he's a sweet dog, I was a little nervous about the Pit in him. The vet assured me he'll be a product of his environment and wasn't worried one bit. Bubba grew up with a little girl who is now 2. She crawls all over him which proves to us that Bubba is great with kids. We take him on runs and let him off leash. He's learning to obey our voices (aka, not run away). He's doing great so far. Today we met up with another dog who Bubba wanted to play with. We're confident he'll be a good dog for our family. Rissy absolutely loves him and Duke is warming up to his playfulness. :)


The Swanson Family said...

sooooo cute!!

Gale said...

Good for you guys! He is really adorable.

:) Gale